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When You Need a Scottsdale Car Accident Lawyer, The Dr. Lawyer Law Group Is Here To Help

Car accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence in Scottsdale, and they can have serious consequences for those involved. In 2021 alone, there were over 3,700 reported motor vehicle crashes in Scottsdale alone. These accidents can result in injuries, property damage, and even death. That's why it's crucial to seek the help of The Dr. Lawyer Law Group if you've been involved in a car accident.


Over his twenty years of practicing medicine, the Dr. Lawyer has treated many car accident victims and knows that what many would consider a “simple” fender-bender can result in life-long medical issues.  In more serious cases, the injuries from a car accident can lead to extended hospitalization, medical treatment, surgery, physical and occupational therapy, and rehabilitation. Whether you feel you've been in a car accident that is simple or complex, you need the best car accident lawyer you can find to make certain you are made whole. The best car accident lawyer doesn't try to run car crash cases through their firm quickly. Rather, the best car accident attorney is the lawyer who takes the time to actually learn about your unique injuries and the medical needs you will have going forward, and makes it their mission to get you everything you need.

The Dr. Lawyer Law Group is the Scottsdale personal injury firm that will take the time to learn about you, and your individual case. If you are the victim of a car accident, call us for a free case strategy session, where we will help you gain an understanding of your case and work towards getting you the relief you need. You deserve a car accident attorney who knows not just the legal side of a car accident case, but the medical side of your case as well.

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What does The Dr. Lawyer Law Group do for you?

The Dr. Lawyer Law Group represents injured victims of car accidents in Scottsdale. We are licensed professionals recognized by insurance companies as a force to be reckoned with. Insurance companies don't want you hiring a car accident lawyer like the Dr. Lawyer, because we give victims a voice during their car accident settlement negotiation, or car accident lawsuit. When you hire The Dr. Lawyer Law Group for your Scottsdale car accident, you benefit from the following services:
  • Assistance and advice with your medical treatment.
  • ​Investigation of your accident, including hiring reconstruction experts if needed.
  • Interviewing witnesses of the car accident and your family and friends to better understand how your injuries have impacted your life. 
  • Building your claim every step of the way.
  • Negotiating with insurance companies on your behalf. Our clients benefit from our aggressive approach to settlement negotiations.
  • We are never afraid to go to trial. The Dr. Lawyer Law Group obtained Arizona's highest jury verdict in 2021, and we are hungry for more. If the circumstances of your case justify going to trial, we won't hesitate to do so. 
Experience the joy of winning your Arizona personal injury case with our expert lawyers. Contact us today to schedule a free case strategy session..

Common Car Accident Injuries in Scottsdale

When you hire The Dr. Lawyer Law Group for your Scottsdale car accident case, you are hiring a firm that understands your injuries better than any other firm. We help you find the best medical providers to treat your injuries and help you express the pain you are experiencing. If you believe you are suffering a common car accident injury, a call with The Dr. Lawyer Law Group can help you better understand your path to recovery, and your legal rights.

  1. Strains and sprains: These are common injuries that result from overstretching or tearing a muscle or ligament.

  2. Fractures and broken bones: These injuries occur when a bone is cracked or broken, often as a result of a fall or other traumatic event.

  3. Cuts and lacerations: These injuries involve a cut or tear in the skin, often caused by a sharp object.

  4. Head injuries: These injuries range from minor concussions to traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and can result from a blow to the head.

  5. Back and neck injuries: These injuries include strains, sprains, and herniated discs and are often caused by lifting heavy objects or being in a car accident.

  6. Burn injuries: These injuries occur when the skin is exposed to heat, fire, or chemicals.

  7. Spinal cord injuries: These injuries can result in paralysis and occur when the spinal cord is damaged, often as a result of a fall or car accident.

  8. Soft tissue injuries: These injuries involve damage to the body's soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, and can be caused by overuse or sudden trauma.

  9. Amputations: These injuries involve the loss of a limb or body part and can occur as a result of an accident or medical condition.

  10. Eye injuries: These injuries can range from minor scratches to permanent vision loss and can be caused by flying debris, chemicals, or trauma to the eye.

Arizona Law and Your Scottsdale Car Accident Case

When you've been injured in a car accident in Scottsdale, you have a legal right to recover for your injuries from the at-fault driver. However, there are a number of other Arizona laws that control your Scottsdale car accident case. For example, A.R.S. § 12-542 requires an injured person to file a personal injury lawsuit within two (2) years of the accident. This law is known as the statute of limitations and exists to ensure that evidence and witnesses in a personal injury case are reliable. The statute of limitations also helps insurance companies and businesses calculate their own exposure to liability.  

Insurance Policy Minimums: Arizona is an at-fault state when it comes to car accidents, meaning that the driver who caused your Scottsdale car crash is responsible for the resulting damages. A.R.S. § 28-4009 requires all drivers to carry liability insurance with minimum coverage limits of $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 for bodily injury per accident, and $15,000 for property damage.

Comparative Negligence: You may still be able to recover money for your damages even if you think you may be at some fault for your accident. Arizona has a comparative negligence statute, A.R.S. § 12-2505, which means that if multiple parties were at fault for an accident, their liability will be apportioned based on their percentage of fault. For example, if you are found to be 30% at fault for the accident, your damages award would be reduced by 30%. During our free case strategy sessions, we will consider all of the evidence available, and the circumstances of your Scottsdale car accident, to help you determine your legal rights regardless of where fault lies. 

Common Scottsdale, Arizona Driving Violations:
Obedience to Traffic Control Devices

A.R.S. § 28-644 requires all Scottsdale drivers to obey traffic control devices applicable to the driver. A "traffic control device" includes features like signs and traffic signals. 


Reasonable and Prudent Speed

A.R.S. § 28-701 requires all Scottsdale drivers to drive their vehicles at a speed that is reasonable and prudent under the circumstances. Arizona law presumes that a person going over fifteen (15) miles per hour approaching a school crossing, twenty-five miles (25) per hour in a business or residential district, or sixty-five (65) miles per hour in other locations is traveling unreasonably fast.  However, this presumption only exists when a speed limit is not imposed on the particular street that the driver is traveling on, which is rare.  

Driving on Right Side of Roadway/Shoulder

A.R.S. § 28-721 generally requires all Scottsdale drivers to drive in the right lane of a roadway. However, exceptions to this law include (1) passing another vehicle that is traveling in the same direction as you; (2) when the right lane is obstructed by construction; (3) on roadways that are divided into three separate, marked lanes for traffic; and (4) on roadways designated for one-way traffic.​


Passing Another Car On the Left

A.R.S. § 28-723 requires all Scottsdale drivers to pass to the left of the vehicle at a safe distance and may not return to the right side of the roadway until the driver can safely do so. Additionally, Arizona law prohibits Scottsdale drivers who are being overtaken on the left from increasing their speed until the other driver safely overtakes them. 

Following Too Closely

A.R.S. § 28-730 prohibits Scottsdale drivers from following another driver too closely. What this generally means is that a Scottsdale driver must follow the driver in front of them at a distance that is “reasonable and prudent,” considering the speed of other drivers and traffic conditions along the roadway.

Reckless Driving

A.R.S. § 28-693 prohibits Scottsdale drivers from driving their vehicle in reckless disregard for the safety of other people or property. What "reckless driving" looks like will depend on a number of circumstances. If you've been injured in a car accident in Scottsdale and the other driver was cited for violating A.R.S. § 28, 693, a call to The Dr. Lawyer Law Group can help you determine your legal rights against the other driver. 

A photograph of a car accident, an injured person, and first responders at the scene of the car accident.

The Dr. Lawyer Law Group's Values Mean Less Stress and More Money in Your Pocket

The Dr. Lawyer Law Group's values are the core of who we are. When you hire The Dr. Lawyer Law Group as your Scottsdale car accident lawyer, these values will define your experience. 

Synergy: The Dr. Lawyer Law Group is a Scottsdale personal injury law firm that prioritizes relationships with our clients and within the office. 

Integrity: The Dr. Lawyer Law Group strives to build trust through honest work, fairness, and accountability for our actions. We are always available to explain where your car accident case stands and what we are doing for you.

Learning: We understand that no injury is alike, and the circumstances of our clients' lives may be very different. No matter who you are or what injury you've suffered, we will learn as much as possible about you and find the best way to make the law work for you.

Excellence: We consistently aim to provide the highest quality of legal representation after your Scottsdale car accident. And we're very good at obtaining excellent results for our clients, such as the highest jury verdict obtained in Arizona in 2021.

How Do Insurance Companies
Make Money Off Of Your Injuries?

Insurance companies make money in three ways: underwriting profit, investments, and reduced overall claims expense. Underwriting profit occurs when the company insures policyholders who have few or no losses. The company earns premiums but doesn't have to pay out any money for claims. This is why the underwriting department carefully evaluates potential insureds for risk profiles that are favorable to the insurance company's complex underwriting models.


Investment income is also a way for insurance companies to make money. They are only allowed to invest a small percentage of portfolios in high-risk/high-reward investments, and most investments include bonds, short-term, and other low-yield but safe investing vehicles. Insurance company investments are supposed to be safe for the company and its investors and policyholders.

Reducing overall claims expense is the only factor that is generally within the control of the insurance company. Insurance companies gamble that their insureds will not have losses, and premiums are set on that basis. The claims department can be seen as the enforcer of this gambling racket. The company's profits increase when it employs aggressive defense tactics in claims handling and litigation management, leading to insureds abandoning their claims due to cost or frustration.

Overall, claims management is the only profit factor that is in the control of the insurance company. Senior management pays close attention to how aggressively their claims department handles policyholder claims, as it affects the company's profits. After you've been injured in a car accident, it is the claims department and senior management that work against you to profit off of your injuries. 

However, when you hire experienced accident attorney, like the attorneys at The Dr. Lawyer Law Group, the insurance company's math changes. They know they won't be able to lowball you to increase profits. Instead, a personal injury law firm like ours helps you build your case and present the best evidence to increase the value of your car accident claim.

Your Injuries are worth pursuing.

Determining the value of a person's car accident case can be a complex process that requires a thorough evaluation of the damages incurred. Your injuries impact your daily life, but the AI programs insurance companies use to value your claim will never give you a full and fair settlement. No matter what your case is ultimately worth, the Dr. Lawyer will make sure the insurance companies hear your story. We will fight hard to maximize your settlement after a Scottsdale car accident.

​Two types of damages are typically considered in a car accident case: economic and noneconomic damages. Economic damages refer to the monetary losses incurred as a result of the accident, such as medical expenses, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, and property damage.

Noneconomic damages, on the other hand, refer to the intangible losses that cannot be easily quantified. The compensation you receive for these damages after a car accident are meant to balance the harm you've suffered. These damages are meant to balance every morning you wake up sore, and every night you struggle to sleep because of your car accident injuries. The general categories for noneconomic damages are pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life.

The value of your Scottsdale car accident case will depend on the severity of the damages incurred, and the degree to which they have impacted your life. At The Dr. Lawyer Law Group, we have extensive experience evaluating car accident cases and portraying the impacts on your life as effectively as possible. We will work tirelessly to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for the economic and noneconomic damages incurred in your car accident.



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