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Phoenix Burn Injury Lawyers


A Phoenix Burn Injury Attorney Who Has Experience Medically Treating Burn Injury Victims

One of Dr. Shah’s most formative moments as a doctor was working on a patient who had suffered burns over 98% of his body. Dr. Shah worked with a team to put new skin over every inch of this man’s body. Working in that burn unit, Dr. Shah learned that these patients will never return to a “normal” life. The best that doctors and burn injury lawyers can do is try and get these victims as close to normality as is possible.


In order for a burn injury victim to get a financial settlement or jury verdict that will actually make an impact on their lives, a burn injury lawyer needs to deeply understand the unique complications that come with different types of burns (such as chemical burns, electrocution burns, or thermal burns) and how the client’s life will be impacted. Getting a good resolution in a burn case is dependent on how well the attorney understands the nature of your burn and can understand the medicine well enough to communicate that.


Dr. Shah understands all of the medical and legal aspects that impact a burn victim who has been hurt due to negligence. Dr. Shah’s passion is using that knowledge and skill to try and get his clients on the road to recovery. If you or a family member has been a burn victim, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.

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