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Failure to Diagnose Malpractice Lawyers

Doctor taking blood pressure of older pa

When There Is Malpractice Due To A Failure To Diagnose, You Need A Lawyer Who Gets The Stakes

Dr. Shah has worked in hospitals and emergency rooms and understands how diligent medical professionals work hard to give exemplary treatment to their patients. But, unfortunately, not all treatment and care is equal, and far too often a medical professional will fail to identify the signs and symptoms of a life-threatening disease or injury that should have been caught. Failure to diagnose cases are extremely difficult, but Dr. Shah has deep experience in fighting for those who have been let down by the medical system, including victims of a failure to diagnose cancer, heart attacks, brain aneurysms, strokes, compartment syndrome, and countless other illnesses and injuries. You deserve a failure to diagnose malpractice attorney who understands the medicine and how you have been injured.


A failure to diagnose or a delay in diagnosis is one of the most prevailing forms of medical malpractice. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed by a medical providers failure to diagnose an illness or injury,


Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.

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