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Phoenix Anesthesia Error Lawyers


A Phoenix Anesthesia Error Attorney Who Understands The Medicine

Dr. Shah has many friends and colleagues who are anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists and understands the complexity of their work and the attentiveness required to perform at their best. Unfortunately though not all practitioners are equal and whether through fatigue, carelessness, or incorrect training, life-changing errors can occur. This can happen many ways, but can include a failure to monitor a patient, the improper dosage of anesthesia, a failure to adequately monitor oxygen levels and delivery, a failure to administer the appropriate drug mixture, or a failure to properly advise the patient of the associated risks involved with the anesthesia.

Dr. Shah has deep experience in fighting for those who have been let down by the medical system, including victims of anesthesia errors. If you or a loved one has been hurt or killed by an anesthesia error, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.

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