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Phoenix Surgical Error Lawyers


Dr. Shah knows many surgeons and has great respect for the work they do. Although mistakes  do happen in surgery, when a preventable surgical error occurs that causes injury to a patient Dr. Shah is able to help. The causes of surgical errors are many, and can include inadequate preoperative planning, incompetence, fatigue, neglect, substance abuse issues, and poor communication among the surgical team. Dr. Shah and his team have heard it all, including operating on the wrong body part, leaving surgical equipment inside the patient, performing surgery on the wrong location, operating in the wrong patient, and major injury to a nerve or organ. An experience Phoenix surgical error attorney is essential to getting justice for you or a family member.


Although every surgery has known risks, a surgical error medical malpractice case goes far beyond that. Surgical errors are due to negligence, not simply a bad outcome or a known risk occurring.  If you or a loved one has been the victim of a surgical error, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.

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