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When A Typical Personal Injury Lawyer Isn’t Enough For Your Case


No one understands the medicine of personal injury and medical malpractice cases better than Dr. Zaheer Shah. Dr. Shah has a combined 35 years as a medical doctor and lawyer, having practiced as an ER physician, hospitalist, internist, and now as a personal injury attorney who fights for the victims of personal injury and medical malpractice.


There is a sea of Arizona personal injury lawyers who do good work, but the medicine of their client’s injuries will always be a bit of mystery compared to a physician’s understanding. Dr. Shah became the “Dr. Lawyer” because he knew that there were too many people not getting the justice they deserved because the people who understood their injures best, their doctors, couldn’t advocate for them. By using his hands-on medical experience as a Phoenix personal injury lawyer, Dr. Shah can finally accomplish what has always been lacking in this profession: an advocate who has personal experience treating your kind of injuries and is able to explain to the jury how those injuries have changed your life.


When You Need An Arizona Car Accident Attorney The "Dr. Lawyer" Is Here To Help


The streets and highways of Arizona seem to be more overcrowded than ever. When you combine these congested traffic conditions with a driving culture of speed and immediacy, it leads to an increase in automobile accidents and fatalities.


Over his twenty years of practicing medicine, Dr. Shah has treated many car accident victims, and knows that what many would consider a “simple” fender-bender can actually result in life-long medical issues.  In more serious cases, the injuries from a car accident can lead to extended hospitalization, medical treatment, surgery, physical and occupational therapy, and rehabilitation.


Getting injured by the negligence of another robs you of a feeling of safety. The causes of these car crashes can range from texting while driving, drunk driving, road rage, a lack of proper vehicle maintenance, reckless driving, driving while exhausted, vehicle defects, and many more. If you are the victim of a car accident discussing your options with Dr. Shah will help you gain an understanding of your case and work towards getting you the relief you need.


Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents Are Often Life-Changing Events

As an emergency room doctor, Dr. Shah has seen first-hand the devastating effects of trucking accidents.  The size and mass of a semi-truck/tractor-trailer can make even a low velocity crash with a typical car deadly. Having dealt with the aftermath of these deadly and serious crashes has made Dr. Shah passionate about trying to change the trucking industry one lawsuit at a time. Although many attorneys claim they handle trucking crashes, many do not have complete knowledge of the federal regulations relating to truck-drivers and the resources to hire the proper investigators to interview witnesses and explore every avenue of what happened in each crash. An exceptional commercial truck accident attorney is needed to make certain that the right experts and possibly accident resconstructionists are brought in to bring the truth to light.

The insurance and trucking corporations have a motley crew of professional expert witnesses, corporate defense lawyers, and insurance adjusters who deal with trucking crashes every single day. An injured victim only stands a chance against this sophisticated machinery if they find a lawyer who has the ability to stand toe-to-toe against this apparatus and has the knowledge, skill, and capital resources to fully fight back. If you or a family member has been hurt in a trucking accident, Dr. Shah is ready to hear your story.


A Phoenix Brain Injury Attorney Who Has Treated Traumatic Brain Injuries First-Hand

According to the Brain Trauma Foundation, at least 5.3 million Americans currently live with disabilities resulting from traumatic brain injury. With two million traumatic brain injuries occurring each year, an injury is occurring every 15 seconds, with the costs of a severe brain injury often exceeding four million dollars.


One bump, blow, or jolt to the head can disrupt the normal function of the brain, and the consequences can be far-reaching.


Dr. Shah has treated traumatic brain injury first-hand, and has a profound understanding of what the victims of such injuries are experiencing. There are few Phoenix brain injury lawyers who have such a personal understanding of the consequences of such injuries.


Dr. Shah is devoted to making sure those who have endured a traumatic brain injury as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional acts of another are compensated.


If you have undergone a mild, moderate, or severe brain injury, discussing your options with Dr. Shah and his team will help you get a greater understanding of how to start the road to recovery.


A Phoenix Burn Injury Attorney Who Has Experience Medically Treating Burn Injury Victims

One of Dr. Shah’s most formative moments as a doctor was working on a patient who had suffered burns over 98% of his body. Dr. Shah worked with a team to put new skin over every inch of this man’s body. Working in that burn unit, Dr. Shah learned that these patients will never return to a “normal” life. The best that doctors and burn injury lawyers can do is try and get these victims as close to normality as is possible.


In order for a burn injury victim to get a financial settlement or jury verdict that will actually make an impact on their lives, a burn injury lawyer needs to deeply understand the unique complications that come with different types of burns (such as chemical burns, electrocution burns, or thermal burns) and how the client’s life will be impacted. Getting a good resolution in a burn case is dependent on how well the attorney understands the nature of your burn and can understand the medicine well enough to communicate that.


Dr. Shah understands all of the medical and legal aspects that impact a burn victim who has been hurt due to negligence. Dr. Shah’s passion is using that knowledge and skill to try and get his clients on the road to recovery. If you or a family member has been a burn victim, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.


A Doctor Who Not Only Rides Himself, But Is Also A Phoenix Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists have a passion for riding, but they are often put at risk when the cars and trucks they have to share the road with don’t pay as close attention to safety.


Dr. Shah has treated motorcycle accident victims, and knows the devastation that can be caused by the negligence of others. Dr. Shah is devoted to making sure those who have experienced a motorcycle accident as a result of the negligent, reckless, or intentional acts of another are compensated. Dr. Shah is an avid motorcyclist who also happens to be a Phoenix motorcycle accident attorney. The combination of a Dr. Lawyer who rides gives him an unparalleled understanding of these cases.


If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident discussing your options with Dr. Shah will help you gain an understanding of your case and work towards getting you the relief you need.


A Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyer Who Understands What Really Happened


Anyone who has lost a loved one knows what a difficult and painful experience it is, but when that tragedy is due to another’s irresponsible or negligent conduct, the healing process is often interfered with. A family may find themselves dealing with their grief while also struggling with frightening financial difficulties and trying to get a handle on the outrage and resentments they have towards those responsible for the death of their loved one.

Dr. Shah has helped many patients and clients work through the grieving process.


Litigating a wrongful death case is complicated and requires a wrongful death lawyer who has the financial resources, the experience, and the grasp of the medical circumstances of the death to properly take on that fight. Dr. Shah knows that in a wrongful death case the most important tool any attorney has is empathy. Empathy for one’s client. Empathy for the person who lost their life. And empathy for the jury, who is going to need to work to figure out how to properly compensate a family member who has lost someone so important to them.


After someone you love dies, the last thing one thinks about is protecting your legal rights. Dr. Shah works to take that burden from his client. Dr. Shah is proud to be a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer who fights for those who can no longer fight for themselves. Dr. Shah would like to hear your story and work to make sure what happened to your loved one doesn’t happen to anyone else.


An Experience Bike Accident Attorney Who Has Treated The Injured

Dr. Shah has worked in emergency rooms and seen first-hand the devastating effects of what a car can do to someone on a bicycle or someone just walking across the street. Some of the worst injuries Dr. Shah has treated have been those patients who have experienced the  physical trauma of a car hitting them as a bicyclist or a pedestrian. Too many times these folks do not get the financial settlement they need because an insurance adjuster or a jury isn’t given an adequate understanding of the medical challenges and damages that these people are facing. That’s where Dr. Shah comes in.



Dr. Shah can explain the severe medical injuries and life-long ramifications his clients will be facing in a way few can. Telling a client’s story is more than just a recounting of the crash itself. More importantly, what determines how a person is financially compensated is whether an insurance adjuster or a jury fully and completely understands the medicine and how the crash has impacted every facet of the victim’s life.


If you or a loved one has been hurt while riding a bicycle or walking on our streets, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story. You or your loved one deserve a bike accident lawyer who knows the medicine of bike accident injuries better than anyone.



When You Or A Loved One Has Been The Victim Of A Dog Bite - Call A Dog Bite Attorney Who Has Medically Treated These Injuries

Dr. Shah has worked in the emergency room and seen first-hand what a dog bite can mean to a child. Although largely unintentional, time and again children are the victims of a spooked dog, and the medical complications that can come from such an attack are disastrous.

Dr. Shah has treated children and adults who have been the victim of a dog bite or attack and knows that the damages are often far more than superficial.

Dr. Shah can explain the severe medical injuries and life-long ramifications his clients will be facing in a way few can. Telling a client’s story is more than just a recounting of bite itself. More importantly, what determines how a person is financially compensated is whether an insurance adjuster or a jury fully and completely understands the medicine and how the dog bite has impacted the victim’s life. An experience dog bite attorney can make all the difference.

If you or a loved one has been hurt by a dog bite or attack, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.


A Phoenix Medical Malpractice Attorney Who Understands The Medicine Of Every Case

As a medical doctor, Dr. Shah knows all too well the hard work and professionalism the majority of physicians, nurses, and other health care providers give to the people of Arizona. Although everyone on Dr. Shah’s team has a deep respect for those who provide medical care, we also just as deeply believe in fighting for and protecting patients’ rights.

We Only Take On The Most Deserving Cases

Even under the best circumstances, litigating a medical malpractice case can be an uphill battle. Medical malpractice cases can be difficult and require proving that a health care provider breached the standard of care and that the breach caused substantial damages. Dr. Shah is fluent in the language of medicine. Dr. Shah has spent most of his life reading the charts, x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs that will be the foundation of your case. Dr. Shah has lived in that world, and is ready to use that expertise in the courtroom. An experienced Phoenix medical malpractice lawyer may think he or she knows the medicine inside and out but nothing can compare to the experience of actually practicing medicine. Dr. Shah has the benefit of using his over twenty years of medical experience in each and every one of his cases.

Dr. Shah is ready to help you navigate through your medical malpractice case, such as incidents involving:

  • Surgical Errors

  • Emergency Room Errors

  • Birth Injuries

  • Failure to Diagnose/Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer

  • Pharmaceutical Errors

  • Orthopedic Conditions

  • Anesthesiology Malpractice

  • Home Health Care Negligence

  • Hospital-Acquired Injury or Illness

  • Hospital Liability

  • Nursing Malpractice

  • OB/GYN Malpractice

  • Pediatric Malpractice

  • Psychiatric Malpractice

  • Radiology Errors


Dr. Shah would like to hear your story and see if he can help.



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