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The Dr. Lawyer Law Group Achieved the Highest Jury Verdict in Arizona in 2021

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

The Dr. Lawyer Law Group is proud to announce a $5 million dollar verdict for the family of Nadia Ramirez, a 20-year-old woman who died from sepsis. This verdict, which was the highest in Arizona in 2021, is a testament to the importance of proper medical diagnosis and treatment and the devastating consequences of medical malpractice.

Nadia Ramirez presented to two physicians in the days prior to her death with signs and symptoms that, if properly diagnosed and treated, would have saved her life. Despite her worsening and progressing symptoms, both physicians failed to check her vitals, order blood work, or escalate her care to an emergency setting. The first signs of sepsis are often found in a patient's vital signs and the failure to order blood work or an MRI of Nadia's neck could have revealed the infectious disease process.

On May 5, 2015, Nadia saw the Defendant-Doctor. Despite her difficulty swallowing, inability to eat, and distress, the Defendant did not check Nadia’s vitals, including her blood pressure, temperature, or pulse. The Defendant failed to properly care for Nadia. Instead of considering the risk Nadia was in, the Defendant diagnosed her with "cervicalgia,” a general term for neck pain, and sent her home.

Nadia died 42 hours later. Her pain and her death were completely avoidable. Nadia was survived by her 18-month-old son, EJ, and her mother, Alice. Because of the Defendant’s negligence, EJ will lead the rest of his life without the love, protection, and guidance of his mother. Alice similarly will never be able to share life’s greatest moments with her daughter.

After a two-week long trial, an Arizona jury awarded EJ and Alice $5 million in damages for Nadia’s wrongful death. This verdict was achieved despite how many firms initially turned Alice away. But, to The Dr. Lawyer Law Group, the medical negligence was clear. The Dr. Lawyer took on the case with less than a month to file a lawsuit before the statute of limitations expired. The Dr. Lawyer hired the best experts and invested significant resources into Nadia’s case. More importantly, however, is how EJ’s and Alice’s stories were told to the jury. Their pain and loss was certainly deserving of the verdict the jury returned.

The Dr. Lawyer believes that every patient deserves proper medical diagnosis and treatment and we are dedicated to holding medical professionals accountable for their actions. Our hearts go out to the family of Nadia Ramirez and we are honored to have represented them in this case. If you believe that you or a loved one has been a victim of medical malpractice, contact The Dr. Lawyer Law Group today for a free consultation. We will fight tirelessly for you, and don’t take a fee unless we win. Hire the only Arizona medical malpractice lawyer who will look at your case through the lens of a practicing physician.


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