Phoenix Wrongful Death Lawyers

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Anyone who has lost a loved one knows what a difficult and painful experience it is, but when that tragedy is due to another’s irresponsible or negligent conduct, the healing process is often interfered with. A family may find themselves dealing with their grief while also struggling with frightening financial difficulties and trying to get a handle on the outrage and resentments they have towards those responsible for the death of their loved one.

Dr. Shah has helped many patients and clients work through the grieving process.


Litigating a wrongful death case is complicated and requires a wrongful death lawyer who has the financial resources, the experience, and the grasp of the medical circumstances of the death to properly take on that fight. Dr. Shah knows that in a wrongful death case the most important tool any attorney has is empathy. Empathy for one’s client. Empathy for the person who lost their life. And empathy for the jury, who is going to need to work to figure out how to properly compensate a family member who has lost someone so important to them.


After someone you love dies, the last thing one thinks about is protecting your legal rights. Dr. Shah works to take that burden from his client. Dr. Shah is proud to be a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer who fights for those who can no longer fight for themselves. Dr. Shah would like to hear your story and work to make sure what happened to your loved one doesn’t happen to anyone else.