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Phoenix Prescription Error Lawyer


A Phoenix Prescription Error Attorney Who Understands The Medications And The Risks

A prescription error can be a deadly mistake. Dr. Shah has treated patients who have had a serious injury and life-long changes due to a prescription error. Prescription drug errors should never occur, yet when they due, there are many causes, such as a pharmacist filling the wrong prescription or the wrong dose, a pharmacist giving improper instructions to the patient, a doctor prescribing the wrong medication or the right medication in the wrong dose, or a doctor prescribing multiple medications that should not be combined. An experienced prescription error lawyer is essential in making sure justice is served.


If medical providers follow the rules these mistakes should never happen. But, when these errors occur, Dr. Shah is ready to explain to a jury the complicated medical issues that have developed due to these errors. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a surgical error, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story.

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