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Truck and Tractor-Trailer Accidents Are Often Life-Changing Events

As an emergency room doctor, Dr. Shah has seen first-hand the devastating effects of trucking accidents.  The size and mass of a semi-truck/tractor-trailer can make even a low velocity crash with a typical car deadly. Having dealt with the aftermath of these deadly and serious crashes has made Dr. Shah passionate about trying to change the trucking industry one lawsuit at a time. Although many attorneys claim they handle trucking crashes, many do not have complete knowledge of the federal regulations relating to truck-drivers and the resources to hire the proper investigators to interview witnesses and explore every avenue of what happened in each crash. An exceptional commercial truck accident attorney is needed to make certain that the right experts and possibly accident resconstructionists are brought in to bring the truth to light.

The insurance and trucking corporations have a motley crew of professional expert witnesses, corporate defense lawyers, and insurance adjusters who deal with trucking crashes every single day. An injured victim only stands a chance against this sophisticated machinery if they find a lawyer who has the ability to stand toe-to-toe against this apparatus and has the knowledge, skill, and capital resources to fully fight back. If you or a family member has been hurt in a trucking accident, Dr. Shah is ready to hear your story.

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