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Phoenix Bike Accident Lawyers


An Experience Bike Accident Attorney Who Has Treated The Injured

Dr. Shah has worked in emergency rooms and seen first-hand the devastating effects of what a car can do to someone on a bicycle or someone just walking across the street. Some of the worst injuries Dr. Shah has treated have been those patients who have experienced the  physical trauma of a car hitting them as a bicyclist or a pedestrian. Too many times these folks do not get the financial settlement they need because an insurance adjuster or a jury isn’t given an adequate understanding of the medical challenges and damages that these people are facing. That’s where Dr. Shah comes in.



Dr. Shah can explain the severe medical injuries and life-long ramifications his clients will be facing in a way few can. Telling a client’s story is more than just a recounting of the crash itself. More importantly, what determines how a person is financially compensated is whether an insurance adjuster or a jury fully and completely understands the medicine and how the crash has impacted every facet of the victim’s life.


If you or a loved one has been hurt while riding a bicycle or walking on our streets, Dr. Shah would like to hear your story. You or your loved one deserve a bike accident lawyer who knows the medicine of bike accident injuries better than anyone.

Contact Dr. Shah for a free Consultation:


2163 East Baseline Road, Suite 105 Tempe, Arizona 85283


Tel:  (602) 680-7300

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